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Electronic chargebacks

A chargeback is a dispute between the card holder and the merchant resulting in a claim and a settlement. Traditionally a paper letter is sent to the merchant notifying of their chargebacks. An Electronic Chargeback (eChargeback) is the electronic submission of chargeback notifications to the merchant. A merchant no longer receives paper letters.

The electronic submission is a file containing chargeback notifications for one banking day. Electronic delivery of the file is made within hours of the chargeback notification being generated. Merchants use the information in the file to respond back to Westpac about a chargeback.

This page:

Features and benefits

Receiving chargeback notifications electronically brings core benefits of speed and automation.

Features Benefits
Receive electronic chargebacks each day. More time to respond.
Single file format for all the notification types. Easy system configuration. Reduce the cost of setup.
Information on all chargeback types. i.e. Retrievals, Chargebacks, Fraud and Disputes. Plan for allocation and expected exposure.
Electronic delivery through direct host-to-host integration. Enables automation and instant delivery.
Delivered in CSV format. Easy to use either by your system or manual reconciliation.

Getting started

Follow these steps:

  1. Contact your Westpac contact and request an eChargeback facility.
  2. Decide to opt out of paper letters.
  3. Decide how you will receive your eChargeback file.
  4. Update your processes to handle the eChargeback File Format.
  5. Read Responding to Chargebacks.
  6. Become familiar with the support process.

Receiving chargebacks

The following occurs:

  1. Card-holder disputes a transaction.
  2. Issuing bank requests more information.
  3. Receive chargeback notifications in electronic format.

Card-holder disputes a transaction

When a credit card holder is not satisfied with the merchant transaction, the card scheme rule allows for a claim.

As part of the claims process, the issuing bank represents the card holder and requests a refund or further clarification from the acquiring bank. In turn the acquiring bank raises a request or advises a debit notification to the merchant.

This process is called Merchant Chargeback process.

Issuing bank requests more information

As part of the eChargebacks process, an issuing bank may request more information (make a retrieval request) from Westpac about a disputed transaction, and then raise a chargeback. Or an issuing bank may raise a chargeback directly (without making a retrieval request first).

Receive notifications in electronic format

Using eChargebacks you will no longer receive paper letters, and instead receive an electronic file. The file lists all Visa and Mastercard chargeback notifications for your merchants.

Delivery channel

Electronic chargeback files are received through iLink or QuickStream.

To download your chargeback files from iLink:

  1. Sign in to iLink.
  2. Find the eChargeback file in your inbox.
  3. Download your eChargeback file for the selected date(s).

To download your chargeback files from QuickStream:

  1. Sign in to QuickStream.
  2. Select Transactions and Reports and choose Facility Reports.
  3. Download your eChargeback file for the selected date(s).

You may also receive your chargebacks automatically via REST, SFTP or SOAP using iLink. iLink is an automated, secure and straight through integration channel. Files are sent immediately to your system for processing.

Onboarding process

Follow these steps to activate eChargebacks for your merchant facilities:

If you do not have a QuickStream or iLink facility

  1. Engage with your relationship team to request an eChargeback proposal. List the Chain ID's and HQ ID's you wish to be included.
  2. Once the proposal is signed, a project is initiated.

If you already have a QuickStream or iLink facility

  1. Fill in the eChargebacks request form and submit to your relationship team. List the Chain ID's and HQ ID's you wish to be included.
  2. The relationship team will provide a proposal. Once approved, the solution will be activated.

After activation:

  1. Your Visa and Mastercard chargeback notifications will start transmitting to you in an CSV file.
  2. When you start receiving the notification of a chargeback or retrieval request, you should reply promptly within the timeframes specified in that request.

Opt out of paper letters

When you sign up to receive eChargebacks, you may elect to opt-out of receiving a chargeback/retrieval letter that is mailed and/or emailed*. If you choose this option, you will no longer receive letters or emails and will only receive the eChargebacks file.

The options available are:

  1. Letters only.
  2. Electronic file and letters.
  3. Electronic file and email.
  4. Electronic file only (no letters).

Note: Chargeback/retrieval letters are only emailed if an email address is recorded on file.

Responding to chargebacks

To respond to a chargeback:

  1. Find the supporting transaction.
  2. Send the transaction information, and any other supporting information to the Westpac Merchant Chargebacks team via fax or email.
Fax Email
Chargebacks Fax Number 02 9383 8848
Retrievals Fax Number 02 9332 6369
Westpac Merchants

Merchant chargeback enquiries

For enquiries and support relating to chargebacks, contact Merchant Acquiring Chargebacks via email to Westpac Merchants

File format

The file contains information about Chargebacks, Retrievals, Fraud and Disputes against the Merchant ID numbers relating to your organisation.

The format below is a Comma-Separated Value (CSV) file. Each line in the file represents one row of data. Each value on the line is contained within a pair of double quotes and is separated by a comma. For example:

"value 1", "value 2", "value 3", "value 4", "value 5", "value 6"

There are two types of rows in the eChargeback File Format:

  1. Header row.
  2. Chargeback row.

The header row is the first row in the file. It contains the column headings. For example:

"Type","ARN","Reference Number","Merchant Name", ...etc...

The header row is then followed by multiple chargeback rows. A chargeback row represents a single transaction attempt. For example:

"Retrieval Request","55160007100325900000865","I15942470010100","TEST MERCHANT", ...etc...

The transaction row contains details of Chargebacks, Retrievals, Fraud and Disputes.

Field Format Description
Type Alphanumeric This is the type of the chargeback. See table below.
ARN Numeric Acquirer Reference Number is a unique number that tags a credit card transaction when it goes from the merchants bank (the acquiring bank) through the card scheme to the cardholder's bank (the issuer).
Reference Number Alphanumeric The request number. What this represents varies based on the chargeback type.
Merchant Name Alphanumeric Name of the Merchant.
Merchant ID Numeric ID provided to the Merchant by Westpac.
Merchant Terminal ID Numeric ID provided to the Merchant's terminal by Westpac.
Message Alphanumeric Message received from the incoming scheme report for the transaction.
Retrieval Reference Number Alphanumeric Corresponding Retrieval Reference Numbers mapped for the same Card Number and ARN in Chargeback application.
Reason Code Numeric Code for the chargeback request (see below).
Card Number Alphanumeric The first 6 digits, followed by ... and the last 4 digits of the card number.
Transaction Amount Decimal 0.00 The amount of the transaction.
Transaction Date Date dd-MMM-yyyy Transaction initiation date.
Transaction Time Date HH:mm Transaction initiation time.
Transaction Number Alphanumeric
Merchant Code Always V3
Merchant Address 1 Alphanumeric Merchant address line 1.
Merchant Address 2 Alphanumeric Merchant address line 2.
Merchant Address 3 Alphanumeric Merchant address line 3.
Respond by Date Date dd-MMM-yyyy The date on or before a response is expected from the merchant.
Chain ID Numeric The Chain ID for this merchant (if available).
HQ ID Numeric The HQ ID for this merchant (if available).
Request Date Date dd-MMM-yyyy The Chain ID for this merchant (if available).
Debit Date Date dd-MMM-yyyy Date when money is debited from the Merchant account.
Reason Alphanumeric Reason for the debiting the merchant account due to a dispute.
Notification Date Date dd-MMM-yyyy Notification of the Dispute Debit to the Merchant.

Chargeback types and data availability

The following chargeback types are present in the file. For some chargeback types, not all data is provided in the file. This is because some data fields are not relevant to all chargeback types.

Field Chargeback Request Chargeback Debit Retrieval Request Dispute Request Dispute Debit Fraud Debit
Reference Number
Merchant Name
Merchant ID
Merchant Terminal ID
Retrieval Reference Number
Reason Code
Card Number
Transaction Amount
Transaction Date
Transaction Time
Transaction Number
Merchant Code
Merchant Address 1
Merchant Address 2
Merchant Address 3
Respond by Date
Chain ID
Request Date
Debit Date
Notification Date

Reason codes

Visa dispute reason codes
Code Description
10.1 EMV Liability Shift Counterfeit Fraud
10.2 EMV Liability Shift Non-Counterfeit Fraud
10.3 Other Fraud Card Present
10.4 Other Fraud Card Absent Environment
10.5 VISA Fraud Monitoring Program
11.1 Card Recovery Bulletin
11.2 Declined Authorisation
11.3 No Authorisation
12.1 Late Presentment
12.2 Incorrect Transaction
12.3 Incorrect Currency
12.4 Incorrect Account Number
12.5 Incorrect Amount
12.6 Duplicate Processing Paid by Other Means
12.7 Invalid Data
13.1 Merchandise/Service Not Rendered
13.2 Cancelled Recurring Transaction
13.3 Not as Described or Defective Merchandise/Services
13.4 Counterfeit Merchandise
13.5 Misrepresentation
13.6 Credit Not Processed
13.7 Cancelled Merchandise/Services
13.8 Original Credit Transaction not Accepted
13.9 Non-Receipt of Cash or Load Transaction Value
Visa retrieval request reason codes
Code Description
28 Cardholder Requests Copy Bearing Signature
29 Request for T&E Documents
30 Cardholder Dispute - Cardholder Requests Draft
33 Legal Process or Fraud Analysis
34 Repeat Request for Copy
Visa chargeback reason codes
Code Description
30 Services Not Provided or Merchandise Not Received
41 Cancelled Recurring Transaction
53 Not as Described or Defective Merchandise
57 Fraudulent Multiple Transactions
60 Requested Copy Illegible
62 Counterfeit Transaction
70 Account Number on Exception File
71 Declined Authorization
72 No Authorization Obtained
73 Expired Card
74 Late Presentment
75 Cardholder Does Not Recognize the Transaction
76 Incorrect Transaction Code
77 Non Matching Acct Number
78 Service Code Violation, Did not Obtain Authorization (International Only)
79 Requested Transaction Information Not Received
80 Incorrect Transaction Amount or Acct Number
81 Fraudulent Transaction - Card Present
82 Duplicate Processing
83 Fraudulent Transaction - Card Not Present
85 Credit Not Processed
86 Paid by Other Means
90 Services Not Rendered - ATM or VisaTravel Money Transactions
93 Risk Identification Service (RIS)
96 Transaction Exceeds Floor Limit
6321 Cardholder does not recognise transaction
6305 Cardholder disagrees with billed amount
6323 Cardholder needs documentation
Mastercard chargeback reason codes
Code Description
4801 Requested Transaction Information not Received
4802 Requested/Required Information Illegible or Missing
4803 Documentation Received Invalid/Incomplete
4804 Duplicate Processing
4807 Warning Bulletin Filed
4808 Requested/Required Authorization Not Obtained
4812 Account Number Not on File
4831 Transaction Amount Differs (Authorization to Settlement)
4834 Duplicate Processing
4835 Card Not Valid or Expired
4837 No Cardholder Authorization
4840 Fraudulent Processing of Transaction
4841 Cancelled Recurring Transaction
4842 Late Presentment
4846 Correct Transaction Currency Code Not Provided
4847 Exceeds Floor Limit - Not Authorized and Fraudulent Transaction
4849 Questionable Merchant Activity
4850 Credit Posted as a Purchase
4853 Merchandise/Services Not as Described
4854 Cardholder Dispute Not Elsewhere Classified (US Only)
4855 Non-receipt of Merchandise
4856 Defective Merchandise
4857 Card Activated Telephone Transaction
4859 Services Not Rendered
4860 Credit Not Processed
4862 Counterfeit Transaction Magnetic Stripe POS Fraud
4863 Cardholder Does Not Recognize - Potential Fraud (US Only)
4870 Chip Liability Shift
4871 Chip & PIN Liability Shift
4905 Invalid Acquirer Reference Data on Second Presentment
Mastercard retrieval request reason codes
Code Description
43 Legal/Fraud Imprint Verification
42 Potential Chargeback or Compliance Documentation
41 Legal/Fraud Signature Verification
24 Cardholder Inquiry - Unspecified/Other
23 Cardholder Inquiry - Needs for Personal Records
22 Cardholder Inquiry - Disagrees with Billing

Sample file

Below is a sample file with one of each chargeback type.

Type,ARN,Reference Number,Merchant Name,Merchant ID,Merchant Teminal ID,Message,Retrieval Reference Number,Reason Code,Card Number,Transaction Amount,Transaction Date,Transaction Time,Transaction Number,Merchant Code,Merchant Address 1,Merchant Address 2,Merchant Address 3,Respond by Date,Chain ID,HQ ID,Request Date,Debit Date,Reason,Notification Date
Retrieval Request,55160007100325900000865,I15942470010100,TEST MERCHANT,21232509,PNP0000123558208,,,6341,424242...4242,50,10-Apr-2017,,39574,V3,PO BOX 70,,"MARGERET RIVER WA, 6285",20-Jun-2017,,,01-Jun-2017,,Cardholder disputes transaction,
Fraud Debit,55160007100325900000881,F1715200004,TEST MERCHANT,21232509,27999123,Message2,,4808,411111...1111,50,10-Apr-2017,,,V3,PO BOX 70,,"MARGERET RIVER WA, 6285",,,,1-Jun-2017,,Requested/Required authorisation Not Obtained,
Chargeback Request,74564725100353103796469,V0702083,TEST MERCHANT,21232509,PNP0000123558208,,,75,444433...1111,7.22,9-Apr-2015,,19943,V3,PO BOX 70,,"MARGERET RIVER WA, 6285",20-Jun-2017,,,01-Jun-2017,,Cardholder Does Not Recognise,
Chargeback Debit,74564725100353103796469,V0702083,TEST MERCHANT,21232509,PNP0000123558208,,,75,424242...4242,7.22,9-Apr-2015,,19943,V3,PO BOX 70,,"MARGERET RIVER WA, 6285",,,,01-Jun-2017,15-Jun-2017,Cardholder Does Not Recognise,
Dispute Debit,55160007048353314718943,DTN7136EP10025,TEST MERCHANT,21232509,78488947,WBC TO WBC DTN7136EP10025,,4808,411111...1111,39.96,16-Feb-2017,,MT170480284000011106629,V3,PO BOX 70,,"MARGERET RIVER WA, 6285",,,,01-Jun-2017,15-Jun-2017,Requested/Required authorisation Not Obtained,15-Jun-2017
Dispute Request,55160007048353314718943,DTN7136EP10025,TEST MERCHANT,21232509,78488947,,,6321,444433...1111,39.96,16-Feb-2017,,MT170480284000011106629,V3,PO BOX 70,,"MARGERET RIVER WA, 6285",20-Jun-2017,,,01-Jun-2017,,Cardholder disputes transaction,


How do I receive my file?

You will receive your file in QuickStream, or automatically via iLink. See Delivery Channel for more. If you do not have an existing delivery channel, contact your Westpac relationship team.

What if I don't receive a file?

eChargeback files are made available 8am on banking days. In the instance where a file is delayed and you have not received it by the end of the business day you may request support. See Support for more.

How do I read my file?
  • If you are using an application to automatically record and reconcile chargebacks, then you will map the fields in your application. See File Format for details.
  • If you are manually reconciling your chargebacks, open this file in Microsoft Excel.
Do I need to do anything if a new Merchant ID is added or removed?

No. The system will automatically select the active Merchant ID's for inclusion in your file. Chargeback data is provided for active Merchant ID's under a Chain ID or HQ ID. If you have not provided a Chain ID or HQ ID at the time of setup, then you will need to follow the onboarding process to add new Chain ID's or HQ ID's.

What do I do if I cannot identify a specific chargeback in the file or on my bank statement?

Please email your query to Westpac Merchants

What are the contact numbers for the chargeback team?
What is a Reason Code?

The Reason Code is a number that represents the reason for an action in the chargeback process. See Reason Codes for more.

How do I use the Reason Code?

You may use the Reason Code to automate your systems reconciliation of chargebacks or create business rules after reconciling transactions.

What is the difference between Chargeback and Disputes?
  • Chargebacks are raised by a card-holder of a different bank. The resolution of a chargeback is coordinated by the scheme (Visa, Mastercard).
  • Disputes are raised by a card-holder of Westpac. The resolution of a dispute is coordinated by Westpac and not the scheme.
Privacy Statement

Privacy Statement (for individuals whose personal information may be collected - in this clause referred to as "you"). All personal information we collect about you is collected, used and disclosed by us in accordance with our Privacy Statement which is available at Privacy Statement or by calling us through your relationship manager or Westpac representative. Our Privacy Statement also provides information about how you can access and correct your personal information and make a complaint. You do not have to provide us with any personal information but, if you don't, we may not be able to process an application or a request for a product or service.